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How To Increase The Traffic To Your Blog

Once You Get Regular Traffic, You Can Monetize Your Blog

If you are getting regular traffic to your blog, you should highly consider monetizing it. Before you do, it’s important to understand that you will not be making hundreds of dollars every day. In fact, you may only make a few dollars a month at first. Since you have to start somewhere, you had might as well jump right in. So, what are your options for monetizing your blog?

Direct Advertising: Advertising space can be sold directly to advertisers. Blog owners normally charge advertisers a fixed fee or charge per thousand impressions of the blog ad (cost per impressions are frequently referred to as CPM). For example, an advertisement with a CPM rate of $3 would cost $300 for one hundred thousand impressions.

Advertising Networks: An alternative to selling advertisements directly is to display advertisements from an ad network. Google Adsense is by far the most popular option for bloggers, however there are many alternatives such as Chitika, Kontera, and BurstMedia. Advertising networks normally pay on a per-click basis or a CPM basis. Due to this, income generated from advertising networks will vary month to month. For most bloggers, I would recommend using advertising networks to fill any advertising inventory you cannot sell directly to advertisers; however the key is obviously to test all avenues.

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