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13 Ways Facebook Will Ruin Your Relationship

Old Pictures Come Back To Haunt You

Let’s say you’ve met someone and begun your journey together as romantic partners. As the phrase goes, if she’s your Facebook friend then she already knows way too much about you. She has witnessed you indulge in a number of mistresses only a few years ago during your promiscuous days as a relentless bachelor. It was only a month ago when pictures surfaced of you being wasted, unable to stand straight while you hung your suit over the balcony of the Mondrian.

This will create mass amounts of insecurity and a lack of trust as she will always think you are doing what you’ve come to be notorious for when she is not by your side. Be fickle about what photos you are tagged in. If you have flaws, which you most likely do, she will be well aware from your photo gallery.

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