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17 Life Cheats You Need For The Post-Apocalypse

Remove ticks with a pen and thread.

When roaming the fields during the post apocalypse, the last thing you need to worry about is getting Lyme disease from a pesky tick. It may not sound like something you need to worry about, but it really is. This may not be the best tick control, but it will do. The first thing you need is a mechanical pencil or pen and some thread or fishing line. Thread the lasso by inserting the ends of the string into the narrow opening of the pencil casing, leaving a loop. You’ll want to leave long ends of extra string hanging out the wider end. To remove a tick, just loop the lasso around the tick, where it’s attached, close to the skin. Then pull the ends of the string tight — you’re tightening the “noose” — and firmly pull the tick out.

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