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17 Life Cheats You Need For The Post-Apocalypse

Once you’re done with those jugs, turn them into a raft.

Using PVC pipe, wooden rods, and empty milk cartons, sail off into the sunset. Here’s a brief how-to:

Using PVC pipe, wooden rods, and 34 empty milk cartons. Two old broomsticks are used as well as one 4 cm wide, 1 meter long length of PVC pipe. Zip ties are used to hold everything together. You’ll need about 25 in total. The PVC pipe will be roughly split with a saw. A fine-tooth saw blade will work best for cutting the plastic. Be careful when cutting down the middle, as the PVC had a tendency to crack. One of the broomsticks was divided in half as well. A small (~.7 cm) hole needs to be drilled at each of the ends of the plastic and wooden segments. Zip ties will go through these holes and connect the segments to each other and to the milk jugs. Finally, attach 34 jugs in pairs to the segments of plastic and wood. Most will be loose, but the holes drilled will anchor the jugs at each end.

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