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8 Convincing Reasons To Abstain From Sex

Sexually Transmitted Disease Are Not Always Avoidable


It’s like we just covered, condoms may not stop diseases from getting to you. Some of the reasons why STDs are never completely avoidable are: condom breakage, condom slippage, pre-ejaculate excretions, bleeding or tiny cuts in the vagina, penis, or anus, unpredictable actions of your partner OR body parts, untrustworthy claims made by your partner, and of course the microscopic viruses or diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS) that are smaller than the holes in latex condoms. In fact, there are some STDs that you’ve never heard of that would make you never want to have sex again. The best thing you could possibly do is get tested for STD’s after having sex with someone new.


  1. Maybe I have sex because I like it and it feels nice.

  2. Haven’t had sex in 3 years so I kinda feel better

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