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17 Amazing DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs


If you think your dog is sweet, let the rest of the world know it! Cut strips of felt and glue or sew them together side by side to make the cupcake base. Sew a colorful piece of fabric along one end of the cupcake base and sew ribbons on either side for ties. Cut two half-circles of colorful fabric, place the pieces together and cut the curved sides into a wavy pattern to look like frosting. Cut out a hole for the neck, sew the half-circles together and make a matching piece of frosting to sit on top of the first. Sew a piece of fabric edging around the neck hole and decorate the frosting pieces with buttons and circles of colorful fabric. Cut out a circle of fabric for a hat, cut the edge of the circle into a wavy pattern, attach a pom-pom to the top and attach ribbons to either side for ties.

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