Thursday, January 18, 2018
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16 Weed Hacks That Every Stoner Needs

Smear a tiny drop of honey over a finished joint skin to keep it from burning too quickly.

The worst part about a joint is the speed in which it burns. Luckily for stoners around the world, the honey spliff is a real thing. ‘Honey spliff’ is when you roll a joint and coat it with a mixture of honey and freshly ground marijuana, preferably dank. You then put it on foil, put it on a oven tray, and then into an oven until the joint starts to brown for about five minutes. Pull it out and enjoy your ride!  A honey sliff will usually burn at a slower rate, and it tastes much sweeter.


  1. #1 OMG give me a break, lol.

  2. Wtf are flavouredwraps

  3. Lord Such and Such

    These are terrible. Why not hold your cone over your mix bowl to pack it. Saves the cd and the controller… just a waste of time really.

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