Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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How To Approach & Pick-Up Women

Find a good wing-man.

The definition of a wing-man is someone who has your best intentions in mind. Yes, you will need reciprocate the favor eventually. Your ideal wingman is funny and a good conversationalist to keep things going when there’s an awkward silence, but you don’t want him stealing your thunder. When you’re in good hands and things are going good, the wing-man should know how to fade into the darkness and go about his way. It’s also good to have a wing-man with you if you go to a bar or a club so you don’t come off as the creepy guy who goes by himself.

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  1. So not true.
    If I take a walk for an hour I have at least five guys hit on me, usually more, and I’m not even pretty.
    It’s not flattering, it’s a freaking pain in the ass.

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