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15 So-Called Healthy Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy

Breakfast Cereals

Every breakfast cereal you see will claim to have tons of healthy nutrients you need to start your day. The problem is, breakfast cereal really isn’t anything more than a processed grain with a panacea of synthetic vitamins and minerals added to it. The truth is that most breakfast cereals have little intrinsic nutritional value. The steps taken to create cereals are simply too damaging to vitamins, minerals, and fibers to leave much of the natural benefit of the grains intact. The manufacturers will go out of their way to show you how many vitamins their cereal contains, but they fail to mention the ridiculous amounts of sugar.The U.S. government, along with many others, does not have regulations that set daily allowances for sugar. Thus, the nutritional label won’t tell you how much of your daily allowance of sugar a cereal provides.

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