Friday, December 15, 2017
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15 So-Called Healthy Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy

Gluten-Free Food

If you are living with Celiac Sprue, a disease in which the body develops antibodies against itself as a result of a protein in gluten, gluten-free foods are an absolute miracle. What about for the rest of us? Gluten-free foods not only fail to provide a benefit, they also decrease our nutrient intake and thus do us a little bit of harm overall. If you don’t need gluten-free food, then don’t buy it. Gluten-free products are highly refined amalgams of grains and sugar, but they often do not contain whole grain because it is difficult to create gluten-free, great-tasting foods out of whole grain. That means that gluten-free bread is lower in fiber and natural B-vitamins than whole grain bread. It is also lower in antioxidant compounds known to combat everything from heart disease to cancer to the effects of aging. If you absolutely don’t have to cut gluten from your diet, don’t do it. It’s really not worth it.

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