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10 Most Frightening Games You Need To Play

#9. The Evil Within

The Evil Within, also known as Psychobreak in Japan, is a survival-horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners, Joseph Odaand Juli Kidman arrive at a crime scene located at the Beacon Memorial Hospital. Having arrived, they find a massacre has taken place inside the hospital, with the place now seemingly deserted. After finding asole survivor, Sebastian witnesses through the hospital CCTV, fellow K.C.P.D officers running from and firing upon an unseen force. They are then brutally killed by a disfigured, supernatural, hooded man, who then appears behind Sebastian and attacks him, knocking him unconscious. Sebastian then awakes in the basement of the Hospital, and after escaping the dangers that lurk within the bowels of the mental institute, he finds himself thrust into a nightmarish world, where horrific monsters and unimaginable terrors roam.


  1. Seriously? No FNAF…..unbelievable

  2. The lack of The Suffering is strong here.

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