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8 Tricks To Help You Last Longer In Bed

Deep Breathing

Meditation is one way to put an end to your premature woes, and deep breathing is your key. Avoid shallow, short breathing, which speeds up your heartbeat and can trigger the quick release. Try spending five seconds breathing in one deep, full breath, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. If you can do this for about five minutes without breaking the rhythm, you may be able to use it in the bedroom.

There are plenty of other deep breathing techniques, but the ones below are a few of the most effective exercises.

The Straightforward Breathing Exercise:
  1. breathe into your diaphragm, not shallow “chest” breathing
  2. inhale through the nose,
  3. exhale through the mouth,
  4. take longer to exhale than to inhale,
  5. slow down and reduce your breaths per minute (3 seconds to begin with)
  6. practice until it becomes your natural breathing pattern.

People can change their stress and anxiety symptoms by simply changing the way they breathe. When performed properly, the straightforward breathing method can control premature ejaculation fears, and many other sexual conditions.

The Stimulating Breath Exercise:

  1. inhale and exhale quickly through your nose, and keep your mouth closed
  2. breathe three in and three out (this produces a quick movement in the diaphragm
  3. breathe normally and repeat for about 15 seconds for beginners.

Each time you practice this method, increase your time by five seconds or until you reach a whole minute. When practiced, men will feel invigorated, and it keeps the blood flow to the penis area level and your mind filled with alertness and not stressful thoughts.


  1. These are some pretty good tips, give it time. I am an amateur when it comes to sex and usually last around 10-20 minutes. Some of these tips are useful, and especially for me and my girlfriend since we are very intimate, I found a free course to last longer, entire playlists to be honest, that might help some more people too you can find it here

    Hope this helps some of you,

    By the way REGULAR kegels will make it WORSE, you need to learn the right kind of kegels.

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