Friday, December 15, 2017
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10 Most Amazing Gaming Accessories You Can Actually Buy

The Peregrine Glove

The Peregrine empowers you to control your game with the touch of a finger — literally. No need to look down or fumble around for keys, your game is now part of you. The idea is to trigger commands in popular games by touching the fingers with the thumb using activator pads located on the thumb tip, on the thumb’s middle, and on the palm. Each finger consists of five touch points. When one of these areas makes contact with an activator pad, the glove sends a “keystroke” to the game. All touch points and activator pads connect to an electronic pod magnetically seated in a socket mounted on the top of the hand. This is where the glove interprets and feeds the commands to the PC. It’s also where gamers can store their custom configurations.

You can buy the glove on The Peregrine for $149.95. Replacement gloves cost $50.

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