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4 Credit Card Myths Destroying Your Wallet

“You should only have one credit card.”

If you feel you can’t handle paying off bills on multiple credit cards because you forget to pay your bills or rack up too many purchases, having one credit card may work for you. For those who are organized, responsible and maybe like to take advantage of cash back rewards – then go ahead and get more than one credit card. According to Bank of America, there are quite a few advantages to having more than one credit card.

  • You can have a separate credit card just for online shopping.
  • If a credit card is lost or stolen, it helps to have a second card available if it takes more than a day to get a replacement card.
  • When traveling abroad, a second credit card can be your backup if your primary card isn’t accepted in a particular country.
  • You can choose which card to use, depending on the different rewards they offer.

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