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5 Credit Card Rewards You Didn’t Know You Had

Access To Airport Lounges

Instead of waiting in the terminal surrounded by hundreds of other people who are waiting not-so-patiently, how would you like to relax in an airport lounge? Make sure you read the fine print of your credit card rewards and perks program, because you may have had access all along! Airport lounges offer quite a few amenities, including easy access to airline personnel. If your flight has been canceled or delayed, an airport lounge is one of the best places to you can be. There’s no waiting in long lines while hundreds of people try to book a new flight. If you have a long layover, the lounge can be much more comfortable than the general airport waiting area. Being considered some of the best credit cards for perks with rewards programs that will give you this access are the Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card from American Express, Amex Centurion Card, and the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card from Chase.

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