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6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Over Your Ex

Falling in love is a major part of life. Unfortunately, that means heartbreak will also play a major role. Breakups and divorce are hard on both parties involved. Depending on the situation, you’re either forced to hurt someone you truly care about, or you’re the one being hurt. So why is it so hard to get over your ex? Every time you see something that reminds you of them, your emotions come rushing to the surface like an overflowing bathtub. Often times the relationship could have been awful, but you’ll only be reminded of those few good times. All of these emotions and feelings will make you question the decision of the breakup or divorce. You’ll be asking yourself if you made a big mistake by ending the relationship, or if you were on the receiving end, you’ll wonder where you went so wrong. There are plenty of ways to help you quickly move on from your ex and start living your life again, but first you have to tell yourself that everything you’re experiencing is completely natural. These are the moments that help us develop personal growth and make us stronger individuals. Once you’ve come to that realization, you’ll be ready to move on. Here are some scientifically proven ways to put your breakup or divorce behind you and finally get over your ex:

White Bear Effect

The White Bear Effect refers to the psychological process whereby deliberate attempts to suppress certain thoughts make them more likely to surface. An example is how when someone is actively trying not to think of a white bear they may actually be more likely to imagine one. So what does a white bear have to do with your breakup or divorce? If you try to never think about or completely forget your ex, the opposite will actually happen. Instead, when your ex comes to mind, simply remind yourself why they are your ex, and then put your attention back on improving yourself. No, just because you think or dream about them doesn’t mean it is some kind of sign. In fact, there have been a few studies that have found if you try not to think about a past partner, you’re actually more likely to dream about them.

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