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10 Most Ridiculously Difficult Games Ever Made

Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox)

Ask any Ninja Gaiden Black player the first thing they remember about the game, and they’ll tell you it was the boss fights. They aren’t talking about cute boss fights you’ll find in Ocarina of Time or Super Mario Bros. These bosses were considered cruel, unrelenting and semi-disturbing by many gamers. Developers tweaked Black to be more difficult than Ninja Gaiden, especially on higher difficulties. Several bosses such as Spirit Doku and the Dark Disciple attack faster and with greater aggression. Black adds a variety of new foes to make the gameplay even harder. Team Ninja tweaked the game balance by changing certain moves, such as the Flying Swallow technique which dominated almost any foe in Ninja Gaiden. Foes in Black block this technique more frequently on Hard difficulty and above, forcing players to find other ways to overcome the foes. A couple of new enemies even possess moves specifically to punish the use of Flying Swallow against them. Team Ninja also increased the enemies’ aggression and gave most of them additional attacks which can ignore or break Ryu’s defense to discourage players from assuming a very defensive posture (turtling) in Black.

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