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10 Most Ridiculously Difficult Games Ever Made

Castlevania (NES)

Before new consoles and thousands of new games were sprouting up every year, 1986’s Castlevania had set the standard for difficult games. Castlevania puts players in control of Simon Belmont as he travels through Count Dracula’s castle, which emerges every 100 years. Simon battles numerous bosses along his way, including Frankenstein, Igor, the Mummy Man, the Phantom Bat, Queen Medusa, the Grim Reaper, and Count Dracula himself. Simon encounters Dracula in his lair and defeats him. He escapes the castle as it crumbles apart and credits roll. The credits feature fake names in homage to classic horror film actors such as Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Max Schreck, and Christopher Lee. While be incredibly difficult, it was also considered a fan-favorite. It’s no surprise that many sequels emerged.

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