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10 Most Ridiculously Difficult Games Ever Made

Discworld (PlayStation, PC)

Based on the Terry Pratchett series of the same name, was difficult not because it required skill, but because of how ludicrously obscure and insanely frustrating its puzzles were. In Discworld, a secret brotherhood summons a dragon from its native dimension, so as to cause destruction and mayhem across the city of Ankh-Morpork. The following day, rumours of the dragon’s rampage across the city reaches Unseen University. Since the Archchancellor wishes the involvement of at least one wizard in the matter (so that people don’t question their usefulness), Rincewind is summoned to handle the problem. After acquiring a book to learn what is needed to track the dragon to its lair, Rincewind searches the city for the various components needed to assemble a dragon detector and brings them back to the Archchancellor. After the Archancellor lets slip that the dragon’s lair is stocked with gold, Rincewind snatches the dragon detector from the Archchancellor, searches the city, finds the lair, and takes all the gold within it. Just before he leaves, the dragon stops him and requests his aid in removing the brotherhood’s hold upon her, claiming they are using her for evil and are planning to make her go on a major rampage. Without giving away too much more, puzzles begin coming into play and begin plotting different ways to destroy the game’s disc. If it weren’t the game having great voice-acting and graphics for its time, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see many people pass all together. It’s worth playing if you ever have the opportunity!

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