Saturday, February 24, 2018
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How To Stop “The Spins” While You’re Drunk

So your friends pressured you in to taking that extra shot and it became one shot too many. One of the most uncomfortable parts of being too drunk is that spinning feeling in your head. You can stop the spins while drinking but putting your hand and foot on a soft and level surface.   Read More »

How To Disguise Your Beer

Most college campuses don’t allow alcohol. But when it comes to tailgating, they tend to turn a blind eye as long as the brands aren’t publicly displayed. Next time you want to enjoy a cold one, cut the top and bottom off a can of soda and slide it right over your beer! This also works at the beach. Read More »

Use Balloons To Chill Drinks

Want a cool way to chill your drinks for a birthday party? Fill up some birthday balloons with water and freeze them. Then toss them in a bowl and stick your drinks in! It works like a charm and looks really cool! Read More »