Saturday, December 16, 2017
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How To Handle Bad Parkers

It’s frustrating to see someone in a huge truck or SUV taking up multiple spots. It’s even more frustrating to see a small car parked over the line. Instead of keying their car or waiting for them to return so you can tell them how you really feel, leave a business card like the one below. You can make custom ... Read More »

No Air? No Coin? No Problem!

Running low on air in your car tires?  Don’t have any change or enough to pay for the air?  Just go to a Shell gas station and press the button on the side of the air pump 3 times.  The air will start automatically without you having to put in any coins! Read More »

Beat The Heat In Your Car

It’s absolutely miserable opening the door to what you thought was your car, but feels more like an oven. Use this awesome Japanese door trick (shown below) to cool down your car quickly. Another tip is to turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when you park. This way the top won’t be burning hot when you come back. Read More »

How To Pick A Bike Lock

Forget the combination to your bike lock? To pick a bike lock, pull the shackle and spin each number starting from the bottom. They’ll lock into place when the correct # is set. Note: We are posting this in case you forget your combination. Do not steal bicycles. You will be caught and prosecuted.  Read More »

How To Get Tarr Off The Car

So you recently took a drive on a newly tarred roads. Now your bumper is covered black spots. There’s an unexpected item from your refrigerator that can clean it right up – mayonnaise! Wipe on, wait about five minutes, then wipe it away.   Read More »