Sunday, January 21, 2018
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How To Defrost Your Lock

Life gets difficult when you’re running late for work on a cold, winter morning and you can’t get in your car because the lock is frozen. Grab some hand sanitizer and rub on the lock. It will defrost your lock and help you get on the road! Read More »

How To Naturally Defrost Your Car

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your car on a cold, winter morning waiting for your car to defrost so you can head to work. The best way to defrost your car without having to wait is park it facing it to the east the night before. When the sun rises, it will defrost your car for you. Read More »

How To Protect Your Car Doors

Tight garage? Chances are your kids or friends have slammed the back doors open right into the cement wall. It damages your car and scratches paint. We’ve got your fix! Cut pool noodles in half and glue them to the wall. Now when the door gets slammed open your car won’t suffer! Read More »