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The biggest difference between men and women is their take on fashion.  Most women are typically in to it while the majority of men couldn't care less about the top fashion designers or where their clothes come from.  It would

You know what's awful? Searching every shoe store in town to find the perfect pair and coming up unsuccessful. Your last resort is taking your search online. The downside to ordering shoes on the internet is being unable to try

Are you tired of opening your closet doors and seeing nothing but clutter? The same thing happens when you open your drawers only to find wadded up t-shirts. Finding the one you want to wear turns getting dressed into a

Girls know how frustrating strapless bras can be. You always find yourself going to the restroom to adjust it or trying to be sneaky about doing it in public. Next time you wear a strapless bra, try this to keep

Skinny or wide tie? The width of your tie should be directly related to the cut of a suit. The accepted rule is that the widest part of your tie should match the widest part of the lapel on your suit

  Belts have an old use that dates back since the Bronze Age, however only during first World War it gained a huge popularity- and it was used as fashion item for outfit decorative purpose. However, with the fashion trends going

  If you're not tossing it or hanging it back up, donating is the best option. Here is everything you need to know about donating: So what can you donate? You can donate anything that is in reasonable condition. Basically anything that can be

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