Friday, December 15, 2017
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Natural Weight Loss Supplements That Actually Work

Weight loss is everywhere! From Nutrisystem to Weight Watchers, you’re never short of options. If you’re looking to save some cash, forget weight loss medication. There are incredible and natural weight loss supplements that actually work. Vitamin D Vitamin D has many jobs. One of its jobs is to help glucose get into body cells, which burn glucose for energy. A lack ... Read More »

How To Lose 5 lbs In A Week

Weight loss is everywhere! From Nutrisystem to Weight Watchers, you’re never short of great options. If you’re looking to save some cash, try some simple weight loss methods to help you five pounds in one week. Drink Mainly Water Make your goal to drink a gallon and a half of water every day. Yes, you will spending a lot of time ... Read More »

The Pre-Shower Workout

If you’re in a hurry to get a workout in, but just don’t have the time to go after work or during the day, do this workout before every shower.  It takes no time to do and will become a part of your regular routine!  50 Jumping Jacks, 5 Push Ups, 20 Crunches, 20 Mountain Climbers, and a 30 second ... Read More »

Get A Flat Stomach In No Time

Don’t just sit around and do nothing while your waiting for your favorite show to come back on or the game to come back from commercial break.  While you are waiting, get up and do some ab exercises to get that toned stomach in no time!  This chart offers several exercises you can use to get that 6 pack you ... Read More »

Daily Workout Plan At Home

Never know what to do when you decide to go to the gym?  Don’t worry about that any more with this 7 day workout plan that you can easily do at home.  Again, to maximize results, it takes more than just exercise.  It takes a proper diet along with a dedication to bettering yourself.   Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Your Bat Wings (Upper-Arm Fat)

Via SkinnyMom: Arm Circles: Stand shoulder width apart and raise your arms up and out to your sides. When you have them at shoulder height, begin to draw circles with your fingertips. Start rotating your arms clockwise. Work through the burn.   Tricep Dips: Sit on the ground and place your hands, fingers facing forward, next to your thighs. Walk your feet ... Read More »

How To Get A Perfect Butt

Squats Well executed squats shape the rear end in ways that will not be achieved otherwise. The stress attributed to heavy squats elicit a strong hormonal response which is key to metabolic disturbance and lipolysis. Squats  will target the hamstrings and glutes. Read More »