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Restaurant Workers & What They Refuse To Eat

Since the beginning of the century, we have been slammed revealing (and somewhat disturbing) information about the way fast food chains prepare and serve your food. The information has come in the form of documentaries, television specials, books, and even relayed from the workers themselves. Most of the famous fast food franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King have all but ... Read More »

12 Incredibly Useful Uses For Mustard

The Unwanted Scent of Men Research says sweat mixed with the body’s natural scent comes as a natural aphrodisiac, which works only for humans. For large garden pests like rabbits, deer and other wild animals, that scent makes them flee properties. You can easily recreate the scent of sweaty farm workers by placing a generous servings of mustard on several tin ... Read More »

19 Amazing Life Cheats For Coca-Cola

Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric. Grease stains are famously difficult to remove from clothing and stain removers can be very expensive. If you empty a can of coke into your wash along with the usual detergent and run it through a normal cycle. The reason it can break up stains is thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid ... Read More »

14 Disgusting Secrets About Your Groceries

Red-colored products are typically dyed with cochineal extract. So what is cochineal extract? The bodies of crushed-up teeny insects. The cochineal insect is native to Mexico and South America. They’re tiny and live on cactus plants. Cochineal dye comes in two basic forms — cochineal extract (the bodies of the pulverized bugs) and carmine, which is further processed to create a more purified coloring. Cochineal ... Read More »

How To Prep For Grilling Season

It’s now that time of the year when us men feel the most like men: grilling season.  There is nothing better than showing off your new built in gas grills or the new smoker you bought last year at the end of the year on clearance.  For some reason, being able to grill is a pride thing that’s instilled in ... Read More »

The Proper Way To Wash Fruits And Veggies

As with any type of healthy weight loss, dieting is the biggest factor.  But what price are we paying to eat our fruits and vegetables?  All of them are covered in pesticides, which are used to help protect the plant from the damaging effects of weeds, diseases, and insects.  Luckily, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations on what ... Read More »

How To Make Your Grill Non-Stick

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when the grills are out in full force and everyone is having a barbecue.  There is nothing better than relaxing on a summer night with a beer in one hand and a spatula in the other flipping a burger or steak.  I have recently become a fan of using charcoals instead of gas. ... Read More »

How To Know What Sauce Goes With What Pasta

Pasta is one of those things that you can make and have it for several meals there after.  But there are those out there that are unaware of the different kinds of pasta and what sauces are actually meant to go with each kind, from penne to shells and everything in between.  This guide will help you determine what you ... Read More »

How To Get The Perfectly Softened Stick Of Butter

Many times, when cooking, a recipe will call for a stick of softened butter.  But for the most part, we either get it too hot and it melts completely when we warm it up or it seems to not melt at all.  Life would be so much easier if there was some way to soften butter to make it “workable” ... Read More »