Sunday, February 18, 2018
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How To Stop Crying

We’ve all been in situation where your tears start flowing like the Nile River and you need to put an stop to it immediately. For guys, it could happen during a chick flick your new girlfriend is making you watch and it’s still too early in the relationship to show that much emotion. If you’re a girl, you know how ... Read More »

How To Improve Study Skills

Want to improve your study skills? Chewing the same flavor gum when taking a test as you did when studying will improve your memory. We don’t recommend this if your teacher/professor doesn’t allow you to chew gum. Read More »

Vanilla Ice Cream & Vomiting

Nobody likes throwing up. Not only is it messy, but it burns your throat and nose! If you know you’re going to throw up, try to eat some vanilla ice cream first. It won’t stop the vomiting, but it will stop the burning sensation. Read More »

No More Itchy Mosquito Bites

Nothing is fun about getting eaten up by mosquitoes! There are a few ways to avoid them all together, but this is an easy way to keep the bites from itching like crazy. Heat the spoon with hot water. Don’t boil it. You don’t want to burn yourself.  Press the heated spoon against your skin where you were bitten and leave ... Read More »

How To Stop Sneezing

Allergies causing you to sneeze? It can get annoying for not only you, but those in the room with you. The simple trick to keep from sneezing is to look a bright light as soon as you feel one coming on.  Read More »