Friday, December 15, 2017
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How To Unlock More Netflix Movies & Shows

Who doesn’t love Netflix? Even with the hundreds of shows and movies available to watch, we may not always see something we’d enjoy. There’s a way to get more! The “Hola Unblocker” extension on Google Chrome will allow you to access to UK version of Netflix; thus unlocking many more shows and movies. Here is the link to Hola Unblocker. Hola ... Read More »

How To Get Unlimited Skips On Pandora

Everybody loves Pandora! Let’s be honest – the ads on Pandora really aren’t that bad, and they definitely beat listening to the radio where you are forced to listen to 3 minutes of commercials every ten minutes. If you’re listening to Pandora on the internet, open an incognito tab and sign in to Pandora to get unlimited skips.     Read More »

How To Unsubscribe From SPAM Mail

There is nothing more annoying than seeing your spam folder filled every single day. There’s a quick and easy way to stop getting them. Simply filter your spam folder by the word “unsubscribe.” It makes it easy to go through and click it on each one. Often times you can even reply with the word unsubscribe and they will remove ... Read More »