Sunday, February 18, 2018
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How To Get Stains Off Leather

Have leather boots that have a nasty mud stain? Did you spill something on your brand new leather couch? Don’t panic! There’s a quick and easy way to eliminate those stains almost immediately. Use a mixture of vinegar and cold water to scrub water stains off of leather. Your leather may smell like vinegar for a little while, so it’s have ... Read More »

How To Fold A Fitted Bed Sheet

Trying to fold a fitted bed sheet not only seems next to impossible, but it’s incredibly frustrating. Before you get mad the next time you wash and change your sheets, follow our guide to correctly fold your fitted sheets. Read More »

Get Organized In 21 Days

We found this through Holiday Sparkle and loved it! This challenge will help you get organized in 21 days. This is excellent to do 3 or 4 times per year. Start on the first of the month and organize accordingly. Read More »

DIY Never-Ending Dryer Sheets

If you do a lot of laundry, this will save you a lot of money! Here’s what you need: 1 Container with an airtight lid (grabbed out of my pantry) 4 sponges cut in half ($1.00 for a 4pk at the dollar store) 1 cup of your favorite fabric softener ($0.30 worth of fabric softener) 2 cups water (free from ... Read More »

Make Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Want to get a tattoo but not sure what to get? Test out a few ideas to see what you will like for a lifetime by making your own temporary tattoo. All you have to do is draw it on with a sharpie and spray it with hair spray. It should last for about a month. Read More »

9 Tricks For Spotting A Liar

Read Their Face Experts advise paying close attention to hard-to-hide micro-expressions; these clues are often so difficult to detect that even trained experts have trouble discerning them. But you may be able to spot a liar by the red color on her cheeks, since anxiety can cause people to blush. What are some other indications in the face? Flared nostrils, lip ... Read More »