Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Easy Way To Clean Your Shower Head

Just like everything else in your bathroom, your shower head can get dirty and build up residue. It can also be difficult to clean. To get the built up residue off of your shower head, tie a baggy of vinegar around it. Then you just leave it overnight and it will clean itself! Read More »

Organize Your Cords

We all have trouble finding the the right cord. They get tangled and you can’t extend the cord fully. Organize your cords and chargers using paper clips. Attach the paper clip on the side of your desk or table and run the tops through. Read More »

How To Find The Tape Tear

We’ve all spent countless minutes trying to find where we last tore the duct tape. Now you’ll never have to look again. Just put a paper clip on the tear after you rip a piece off. It may seem like a waste of time now, but you’ll definitely save time later! Read More »

Drip-Free Candles

Tired of candle wax dripping everywhere? There’s a simple fix to prevent it. Soak your candles in strong (keep adding salt until it won’t dissolve anymore) salt-water solution after you buy them. Leave the candles in the solution for two hours. Finally, remove and dry! Read More »

Cleaning Yellowed Counters & Tubs

Let’s face it – if the enamel on your counter or tub has turned that nasty shade of yellow, it can be displeasing. To remove that yellowing color, add a handful of salt to turpentine and rub onto the enamel. After that, just wash as normal. It’s best to be safe and test it on a small area first just to ... Read More »

No More Faded Rugs

Faded rugs never looks good. Is there a way to brighten its colors? Of course. You can brighten rugs that have faded by rubbing them down with a rag that has been soaked (and the rung out) with salt water. This also works drapes! Submerge your drapes in a solution of salt water, and then wash as usual.   Read More »

How To Clean Burned Milk

If you’ve ever burned milk in a pan or pot, you know how ridiculously hard it can be to clean it up. Not only is the stain bad, the odor could kill a buzzard. Now you will never have that problem again. 1.) Dampen the pan or pot. 2.) Sprinkle salt all over the bottom. 3.) Wait 10 minutes. 4.) ... Read More »