Friday, January 19, 2018
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How To Fluently Read Body Language

You can learn a lot about a person without them ever saying a word. You can find out if a person is interested in you, disgusted by you, or curious about you just by observing their body language. Reading body language isn’t easy and requires a lot of practice. There are tons of traps that can be misleading and it is wise ... Read More »

14 Crazy Ways People Get High

** Before getting started, it’s important to note that we do not condone getting high and in no way intend to promote it. This is purely for educational and conversational purposes. Along with being a great way to end up in prison, it’s also a great way to destroy your brain cells, stunt your mental growth, and even kill you. ... Read More »

17 Tiny Habits That Can Totally Change Your Life

Pretend To Be Your Hero. For a minute, close your eyes and imagine the person you want to be. Imagine the perfect version of yourself. This version of yourself has the answer to every problem, unlimited confidence, and shines brighter than any person in any room. When you’re faced with a challenging situation, think about the person you just imagined. Then ... Read More »

14 Things That Reveal Who A Person Truly Is

How often they admit their own mistakes and failures. Mistakes and failures are a part of living that we simply cannot avoid. Without mistakes and failures, success would be boring. On top of that, everybody would be successful. They may take responsibility for their actions and are honest about the part you play in the choices they make, they may not want to acknowledge ... Read More »

7 Self-Defense Tricks Everyone Should Know

As kids, we all dream of being kung fu masters at some point in our lives. As an adult, it’s actually important that we take the first steps toward our childhood dream. No, you don’t have to become a black belt (unless you really want to), but knowing some simple self-defense tricks could be the difference between life and death. ... Read More »

Life Cheats For Sports Fans

Die-hard fans spend countless hours rooting for their favorite sports teams, hoping and praying that they will raise the trophies high above their heads while you jump up and down with your friends in celebration. The downside of being a die-hard fan, besides the usual disappointment that most people face, is how much we spend. Not only are ticket prices ... Read More »

How To Manage Your Time Using 3 Rules

When it comes to time, there are several sayings.  One says “we are on borrowed time” and another says “you can’t buy time” or “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”.  And because both of those are true, when it comes to managing our time, it is extremely difficult, especially the older we get.  If only there was some ... Read More »

How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean Between Mops

While having hardwood floors is a a positive for many reasons, the biggest benefit to them has to be when it is time to clean.  Mopping is always a great way to make the floors shine and make yourself feel better.  The problem, however, is that mopping is such a hassel and can take a long time to do.  Nobody ... Read More »

Your Quick Guide To Area Rug Placement

If you really want to accent a room, the best way to do so is by placing a rug in the middle of the room.  Whether it is an oriental rug, an antique rug, or just a plain-jane area rug.  There is just something about a rug being placed in an area to make the room stand out.  For most ... Read More »