Sunday, February 18, 2018
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How Colors Affect What You Buy

If you ask someone why they bought something at the store, more than likely you will get a response of “I needed it.”  While that is probably the case, the better question that should be asked is why they bought that specific product.  Regardless of what reason they give you, in the end, it truly has to deal with the color print ... Read More »

The Ideal Sheets For That Ideal Sleep

Sleeping is something that most of us consider ourselves proficient at.  Some can do it better than others, while there are those that suffer from a horrific disease known as snoring.  But one of the biggest things that influences our sleep is the type of sheets we have on our mattress.  I’ve heard that the “Egyptian cotton” are by far ... Read More »

10 Things You Never Thought About Cleaning (But Should)

Cleanliness is something that we all should strive for, regardless of who we are and for the most part, we do a pretty good job of that.  We vacuum our house, wash our dishes, clean the bathroom, etc.  Basically, anything that we know needs to be cleaned, we clean.  But have you ever thought about things such as your credit ... Read More »

How To Correctly Run A Vacuum

Vacuuming is the nagging chore that nobody wants to do, but it has to be done, much like dusting.  Regardless of having hardwood floors or carpet, we all must vacuum in order to keep our houses or apartments clean and in order.  Of course, having central vacuum is the way to go, if it is possible.  But for those that ... Read More »

6 Ways To Avoid Bathroom Mold

We all have that one room in the house that nobody likes to deal with…the bathroom.  There is nothing fun in the bathroom and even worse is having to clean it.  Not a single person enjoys it, but following these tips is a great way to prevent bathroom mold and water damage. Check for proper ventilation.  Since the bathroom is ... Read More »

Where’s The Worst Place To Be A Burglar?

While most of us never plan on having to resort to this type of lifestyle, burglary is a real thing and it happens all the time, no matter where you live.  As unfortunate as that is, it is a truth and something we have to deal with.  But while we are dealing with it, let’s take a look at the ... Read More »

18 Things Every Adult Must Avoid

IRS Debt Do you enjoy the government going through your personal finances and bank accounts? Hopefully you’ve never had to experience it, but you will if you get in debt with the IRS. You will spend your weekends studying tax debt relief and meeting with your accountants. At a young age, it may feel like you have better things to ... Read More »

Weird Habits of Americans

We didn’t post this as a resource to help others judge Americans or back-up any stereotypes that may be arising about us. We posted the infograph to give you an understanding of where we stand as a society. Nothing you see should surprise you, as you know all of these to be true for the majority of people. But we often ... Read More »

Nobody Will Tell You This About Birth And Pregnancy

Prepare For #2 There’s a pretty good chance you will poop on the table while you’re giving birth.the muscles you use to push the baby out are the same ones you ordinarily use during a bowel movement. This is a common fear among first-time moms, but as women who have been through it before will tell you – you won’t ... Read More »