Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Signs You Are Truly Happy

Finding happiness is everyone’s ultimate mission in life. We strive to find happiness and success for ourselves and those around us. To be blunt, you will never be as happy as you dream you can be. You’ll find there is always something you are missing, and that’s okay. But how do we know when we are truly happy? Read More »

15 Things You’re Doing Wrong In The Bathroom

You’re not peeing in the shower. Urea, the main component of pee, has been shown to hydrate skin and stop itchiness. In Brazil, an environmental group ran a whole campaign encouraging people to pee in the shower. You can also save over 4,300 cups of water per year! Read More »

How To Become A Morning Person

Very people enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn to get ready for a long day at work or school. If you’re a night owl, it becomes especially difficult. However, there are many reasons to become a morning person. Several studies show that some of the most successful people are members of the 6AM club (waking up a 6AM). ... Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Rust Build-Up

They say rust is like cancer for your tools. Unlike the cancer we experience, there is actually a cure for the “deadly” tool disease. It’s very simple! Gather all of your tools that are rusted over and put them in a bucket. Fill the bucket with vinegar and salt, and let them soak over night. They’ll be as good as ... Read More »

Using Rubber Bands For A Cool Paint Effect

Have you considered repainting some rooms in your house lately? Instead of using the same old solid paint pattern, try adding a cool effect. Tie rubber bands around a paint roller over a different color. It will look something like this: Read More »

12 Tricks To Help You Win Any Argument

According to Dale Carnegie’s classic management (life AND business management) bible, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” the first step toward winning an argument is to avoid it altogether. If it’s a petty argument, the outcome of which won’t significantly affect you one way or the other, so just drop it. However, there are times when an argument just can’t ... Read More »

Everyday Habits That May Be Killing You

Eating Fish May Be Killing You You’re always being told that fish is healthy for you to eat. However, fish is full of poison. While most fish aren’t actually toxic, they’re all capable of carrying the toxins in their environment. For example, fish caught in oceans often come complete with tasty traces of mercury. It may also be a safe idea ... Read More »