Friday, February 23, 2018
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What Charities Are Really Doing With Your Donation

There are so many ways you can spend your hard-earned money. You could buy new clothes, a few steak dinners, or that new video game console you’ve had your eye on for months. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself because you worked hard and deserve it. However, a recent study by Harvard Business School graduate students called “Feeling Good about Giving: The ... Read More »

What Are Your Odds Of Winning The Lottery?

Whether they’re trying to win a new car, win a laptop, or simply when a race, it’s our natural instinct to love the feeling of coming in first. However, no form of competition is more addicting than trying to win the lottery. At some point in our lives, we all dream about being presented with a giant cheque and taking ... Read More »

How To Think Like A Billionaire To Make Fast Cash

Today’s most popular billionaires have many things in common. They have persistent ways of thinking, and are quick to let go of negative comments. Above all else, they know how to get fast cash and how to turn that cash into even more cash. They can make money online, offline, while they eat, and while they sleep. They look at every opportunity ... Read More »

9 Costly Money Mistakes Most People Make

You upgrade your things way too often. Apple releases a new iPhone and iPad ever year, and every year people wait in line for hours on the day it’s released to get that cell phone upgrade you so desperately need. Your current phone can only load a website in 1.3 seconds. The new model can load it in 1.1 seconds, which ... Read More »

How To Prepare Your First Budget

When it comes to growing up, preparing a monthly budget is one of the biggest steps.  And while it is hard to prepare one and actually stick to it, this is one thing that will benefit you in the long run and keep you out of financial hardships.  As a young adult, I have learned the hard way and the ... Read More »

5 Tips For Buying A Home

When it comes to growing up and making decisions, one of the biggest and hardest decisions we will ever have to make is when to buy a house.  There are several factors that go into this decision from income, to the type of house you want, to where you want to live.  As much as we would like for this ... Read More »

Why Is Credit Important?

For a young adult, growing up means moving out on your own and taking care of yourself completely.  And to do that, generally means going into debt.  But what most young people don’t understand is the importance of having good credit when you go into debt. For starters, what is “debt”?  Most everyone will tell you it is something that ... Read More »

Popular Ways You Can Make $1,000 Online

We see stories about it on the news, hear our friends and family bragging about it, and read about it on every social media platform there is. It seems like everybody is making money on the internet. Of course, some of the stories you see are bogus. It’s easy to spot a fraud when you see one. However, a lot ... Read More »

10 Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online

Everybody could use an extra few bucks in their wallets and bank accounts to help pay off bills or cover that family vacation you’ve had your eyes on.  Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who just so happens to be the long, lost great nephew of the Nigerian prince whose lawyer wants to wire you the millions of dollars ... Read More »

How To Make Money While You’re In School

After a long night of finishing homework assignments and studying, do you ever find yourself wondering, “How can I make money?” or “Is all of this school going to pay off for me?” In most cases, you have to go through hours of schooling to make a decent paycheck. Unfortunately that education costs money too. So what’s the trick to making ... Read More »