Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Body

The human body is truly a work of art.  There isn’t a single online anatomy course or online physiology course that can teach you these facts the way this infograph can.  While there are some things that can be learned in a textbook or in a classroom, such as the number of bones or the names of each one, there ... Read More »

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

As most of you know, where we store information is starting to shift from hard drives and flash drives to “cloud” storage.  For those that don’t know what that is, in it’s simplest form, cloud storage is basically a place for you to store any information out there online to be accessed by you from anywhere.  Cloud security always seems ... Read More »

The Proper Way To Wash Fruits And Veggies

As with any type of healthy weight loss, dieting is the biggest factor.  But what price are we paying to eat our fruits and vegetables?  All of them are covered in pesticides, which are used to help protect the plant from the damaging effects of weeds, diseases, and insects.  Luckily, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations on what ... Read More »

10 Things You Never Thought About Cleaning (But Should)

Cleanliness is something that we all should strive for, regardless of who we are and for the most part, we do a pretty good job of that.  We vacuum our house, wash our dishes, clean the bathroom, etc.  Basically, anything that we know needs to be cleaned, we clean.  But have you ever thought about things such as your credit ... Read More »

30 Day Abs and Squats Challenge

Everyone wants to have those washboard abs for when they go to the beach, regardless if you are a male or female.  Within this challenge are some of the best ab workouts and exercises you can do to get to that goal.  It is very important to have a solid core because of all the effects it has on the ... Read More »

How To Make Southern Apple Dumplings

There is nothing better than a delicious dessert that has apples, cinnamon, and vanilla ice  cream.  One of my favorite things to make during the summer are southern apple dumplings.  This is a simple recipe that is sure to be a hit with everyone that tries it.  Just follow the instructions below and you won’t have anything to worry about. ... Read More »

5 Tips For Buying A Home

When it comes to growing up and making decisions, one of the biggest and hardest decisions we will ever have to make is when to buy a house.  There are several factors that go into this decision from income, to the type of house you want, to where you want to live.  As much as we would like for this ... Read More »

How To Make Your Grill Non-Stick

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when the grills are out in full force and everyone is having a barbecue.  There is nothing better than relaxing on a summer night with a beer in one hand and a spatula in the other flipping a burger or steak.  I have recently become a fan of using charcoals instead of gas. ... Read More »

If You Love Beer, You’ll Love This Wine

Many people don’t consider themselves professionals when it comes to knowing alcohol.  To be honest, we mostly drink it to give us something to do.  Some are avid wine drinkers, others bourbon, or beer.  Very rarely do you meet someone who is savvy when it comes to multiple alcohols.  But the next time you are out with friends and they ... Read More »

What Not To Do In A Job Interview

For several young people that just graduated from school, reality is getting ready to set in and they are going to have to face the world of job interviews.  Most companies now will do the interviews in a “round by round” process.  It initially starts with just simple telephone interview.  If the candidate does well with that, they might have ... Read More »