Saturday, February 24, 2018
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15 Brilliant Tricks & Hacks To Improve Your Run

Make chronic shin splints a thing of the past. Prevent shin splints by drawing the alphabet with your toes. Doing this strengthens your calf muscles, which can prevent injury. Try it the next time you are just sitting around watching TV. Other ways to prevent shin splints include: Always wear shoes with good support and padding. Warm up before working out, ... Read More »

10 Life Cheats For Saving Money On Gas

Fill up before holidays. As you probably know, holidays are the worst times to fill up with gas. Because more people are on the road, gas stations will all typically dramatically raise their prices. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive close to holidays, however. Just be sure you fill up your tank before the holiday break. Prior to Labor Day, Thursdays ... Read More »

12 Healthy Ways To Quickly Get Over A Breakup

Give yourself time to grieve. No matter what people tell you, a breakup is considered a loss. No matter how the breakup occurred, you are losing a major part of your life. It is going to take time to adjust to a new lifestyle. A broken heart doesn’t heal over night, and you shouldn’t want it to. After a breakup, ... Read More »

14 Ways To Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Seek Out Battery Hogging Apps New to iOS 8 is the ability to view apps by battery usage. This is super helpful for finding applications that consume copious amounts of battery. Go to:  Settings > General > Usage, and under the section at the top labeled Battery, tap Battery Usage. This is the first step to saving your iPhone’s battery life. Read More »

How To Approach & Pick-Up Women

Always be ready. There are going to be beautiful women wherever you go. Some of them are taken, married, or just simply won’t give you the time of day. However, you have to always be ready for the ones who will. Women don’t expect to be hit on as they go about their daily lives, and, therefore, they are that much more ... Read More »

16 Weed Hacks That Every Stoner Needs

Attach a magnet to your bong and never search for the lighter again. One of the side effects of smoking marijuana is you often forget where you put things. This can become a problem when you’re looking for a lighter so you can smoke even more. You can buy tiny magnets from almost any store (Walmart, Target, etc.). It’s worth ... Read More »

17 Amazing DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Martini Remember when you had your dog spayed or neutered and they put that cone over them to keep them from biting or licking at the incision? Save that cone! Paint foam balls to look like olives, poke a hole through the center of each olive and feed the olives onto a wood dowel. Cut strips of ribbon, tie the ribbon ... Read More »

10 Tricks That Will Improve Your Credit Score

Pay your credit cards twice each month. The most popular trick to raising your credit score is actually one of the more simple things you can do. If you’re that person who charges close to your credit limit every month, it could damage your score. Yes, it will even hurt your score if you pay it off in full. There’s ... Read More »