Friday, December 15, 2017
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Good Pet Breath

You love your faithful friend, but sometimes their breath is just too much to handle. If your dog or cat suffers from terrible breath, don’t spend money on breath strips for animals. Try adding some fresh parsley to their food! Read More »

Make Your Dog Like Its Food

Is your dog getting tired of eating the same food, or maybe doesn’t like the new chow you bought him? There’s a simple fix. Put a few pieces of beef jerky in the bag and reseal it as best you can. By the next day, the smell will have soaked into the food. Your dog will find it much more ... Read More »

Pleasant-Smelling Cat Litter

Let’s face it – the smell of cat litter can destroy your home. Don’t spend tons of money on scented cat litter claiming they can cover the smell. Simply mix a bit of baby powder into clean litter.   Read More »

Stave Off Shedding

One of the worst things about having a pet is the shedding. Does it seem like no matter how much you brush them you can’t get the hair off? Grab a dryer sheet. Run a dryer sheet over your pet’s coat and the static will cause any loose hairs to be picked up after brushing. Read More »

Keep Fleas Away From Your Pet

Easily remove and discourage those pesky fleas from your pet’s coat without spending money on expensive medicine or collars. Bathe your pets in salt water, and the fleas will stay away! Another method is steeping rosemary in warm water and using that as bathwater. It IS safe to use a combination of the two. Read More »

Ease Your Pet’s Pads

Your pet’s pads on the bottom of their feet crack and dry just like our feet. To ease the pain for your pet, gently rub a little petroleum jelly on their pads while they’re sleeping. It completely moisturizes the area and is completely safe if your pet decides to lick it off later. Read More »