Monday, December 18, 2017
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How To Make The Best Cheesy Ranch Potatoes

When it comes to food, you can add ranch dressing to anything and it won’t taste bad, kind of like bacon, at least in my opinion.  And like a few of you out there, I’m sure one of your favorite things to eat is a loaded baked potato or cheese fries.  If you came here looking for diabetic recipes, you ... Read More »

How To Make Quick And Easy Oreo Bites

They are known for being “America’s favorite cookie” but what if there was something that could make it even better?  What if you could take mini Oreo’s and turn them into a bite sized truffle?  This is one simple dessert that is sure to be a hit at all parties you show up to, not to mention, it only requires ... Read More »

How To Make The Best Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

One of my favorite things to eat and make has to be a simple dessert like place and bake cookies or ice cream sandwiches.  You know, something that you don’t have to work too hard for, simply because I’m usually in a hurry.  But, if time permits itself and I love to fix a nice dessert, such as cupcakes, muffins ... Read More »

How To Make Southern Apple Dumplings

There is nothing better than a delicious dessert that has apples, cinnamon, and vanilla ice  cream.  One of my favorite things to make during the summer are southern apple dumplings.  This is a simple recipe that is sure to be a hit with everyone that tries it.  Just follow the instructions below and you won’t have anything to worry about. ... Read More »

How To Make A Bacon And Egg Breakfast Baguette

We all lo0k for the perfect bacon breakfast recipes out there and we all say we have the best one.  Truth be told, there really isn’t a bad recipe out there when bacon is involved, but that is my personal opinion.  For breakfast, most would say that a bacon sandwich is the way to go, be it on a english ... Read More »

How To Make Mountain Dew Baja Blast

One of the many glorious reasons people visit Taco Bell is to indulge in what has become a cult favorite in the soda lover’s world – Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Created over ten years ago, Baja Blast was made exclusively for Taco Bell and couldn’t be found in soda machines or grocery stores. Luckily for all of us, Baja Blast is starting to ... Read More »