Sunday, January 21, 2018
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8 Things Young People Should Know About Love

Love has no age. Whether you’re 12 years-old walking down the hallway of your middle school, or 23 years-old and graduating college, you feel as if you could meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with at anytime. Love truly does have the power to blind us from reality. Of all of the emotions human beings experience, ... Read More »

Tips For Changing Your Name After You Say ‘I Do’

Every girl looks forward to that day when they finally walk down that aisle and say those famous words “I Do”.  After the months of wedding planning and making arrangements to have the most perfect day ever, taking care of one of the most important things tends to get pushed to the back burner and that is the name change. ... Read More »

How To Handle A Break-Up

The old saying goes “If you love something, let it go.  If it was meant to be, it will always find it’s way back.”  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about all that.  There are some things, while I love, if they are gone, I hope they never find their way back to me.  But when it comes to ... Read More »

10 Crazy Facts About Love You’ve Never Heard

What comes to your mind when you start think about love? For most people, walking down the isle to get married, a first kiss or first date, and the first time you admitted to yourself and partner that you were in love. When you’re in love, colors are brighter, people are happier, and life is generally better. Everywhere you look ... Read More »

Know What You Want And Need In A Relationship

With the world being so technologically advanced, it seems like the “personal” aspect of communication seems to be a lost art.  There is no need to go out any more to try and meet someone because of dating sites and online dating, but even in those situations, you have to know what it is you are looking for.  Most people ... Read More »

8 Things You Must Do When You’re Single

Generally, there are two types of people – those who want a relationship and those who enjoy being single. The good thing is we will all experience being both types multiple times in our lifetime. People often associate being single with loneliness and they fear it’s a stage they can get stuck in. One minute you’re flirting with anyone who ... Read More »

12 Powerful Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

You’ve been dating the same person for a long time and like every relationship, you’ve had your up and downs. You’re at that point where you need to decide if you are going to take the next step and continue down same path with that person or call it quits because you’re not on the same page. You don’t need to ... Read More »

20 Things To Start Doing In Your Relationships

Relationships can be tricky. Every couple swears that their relationship is going to last forever. However, with the divorce rate about to reach over 50%, it’s safe to assume these couples can’t be trusted. If you want a special and healthy relationship, there are 20 things you should start doing more often: Read More »