Sunday, January 21, 2018
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How Much Does The Average Wedding Really Cost?

Thinking about tying the knot or popping the big question? It may be a smart idea to start saving as soon as possible.  After seeing how much marriage is really going to cost you, you may now be considering tying the knot at the court house. Here’s how you can save thousands of dollars by making a trip to your ... Read More »

8 Proven Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone

Make sure you are on the same page. If the person you are going after isn’t looking to get into a relationship at the moment, chances are they won’t be changing their mind for you. That’s why it’s smart to make sure the person you are chasing is open to a relationship so you don’t immediately walk into the friend ... Read More »

10 Exciting Date Ideas

Nothing can seal the fate of a relationship like a date that goes incredibly well or terribly bad. There is a lot that goes into a date. You have to pick the right outfit, make reservations (if needed), and gather your confidence so you can impress your partner. If you want to really make a good impression, you need to ... Read More »

9 Major Myths About Relationships

Homosexual relationships are different from heterosexual relationships.  One of the most popular myths is that homosexuals are less likely to be faithful to their partners. According to recent studies, homosexual male couples were more likely to indulge in an open relationship. However, many people confuse being in an open relationship with cheating.If two people agree to be in an open ... Read More »

The Benefits Of A Broken Heart

Suffering from broken heart disease? After ending a relationship with someone who played a pivotal role in your life for an extended period of time, it’s almost impossible to not enter a state of temporary depression. After a breakup, you not only experience the grief of missing your significant other, but the loss of the future you had envisioned with ... Read More »

10 Surprising Benefits Of Cuddling

Cuddling releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical that is very much needed in relationships. It does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others. A lack of oxytocin can create the “lonely” feeling we all hate. Read More »

Dating Application For Your Daughter

If you’re a father with a little girl about to enter the world of dating, you will probably put some serious consideration into making her potential boyfriends fill-out one of these hilarious applications. As funny as it would be, we don’t recommend it. We understand that watching your daughter go out with a strange boy on her first date is ... Read More »

No More Awkward Conversations

Never know what to say when you first meet somebody?  Instead of asking those personal details right off the bat, simply start by asking them what they LIKE to do, not what they do.  This will spark a conversation and allow that person to talk about themselves.  You can use this when meeting someone on a date or even in ... Read More »