Saturday, December 16, 2017
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10 Genius Life Cheats For Surviving High School

Don’t Stress Too Much About College Don’t stress about picking your career while you’re still in high school. If you need to, take a year off between high school and college to sort out what you want out of life. You may even decide that college isn’t the best place for you. If you do decide to go to college, ... Read More »

10 Phenomenal Cheats For Shopping At Target

1.  Target marks down the clearance items in each department on a specific day.  This schedule may vary a bit from store to store, but for the most part these are the days that each departments get marked down. Here is the schedule for each department: Monday – Electronics, Accessories, Kids Clothing, Books, Baby and Stationery Tuesday — Domestics, Women’s Clothing, Pets and ... Read More »

12 Genius Products That Will Make You Lazy

Baby Mop Outfit Just when you think you hated cleaning, you get your baby this adorable outfit. Yes, with the baby mop outfit you’re hardwood floors will stay shiny and dust free. So instead of spending your Friday night on your hands and knees, plan a date night with your significant other and hire a babysitter for your mop. Read More »

10 Shopping Hacks You Need To Know, Inc. is an American international electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world’s largest online retailer. started as an online bookstore, but soon diversified, selling DVDs, VHSs, CDs, video and MP3 downloads/streaming,software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics—notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the Kindle Fire tablet computer—and is a major provider of cloud computing services. Amazon is considered the fourth most successful startup company of all time by market capitalization, revenue, ... Read More »