Saturday, January 20, 2018
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11 Simple Hacks For Your Mac

Instantly Tweet Selected Text On Apple Macs running Mountain Lion and later, you can tweet almost any text on your Mac easily. Select the text, right click it, and select Tweet (sometimes you may find it in the “services” sub menu). Read More »

10 Life Hacks For The Common Flash Drive

Run Apps Flash drives can run entire applications on their own. You can carry full programs with you and run them off of the device. For example, you can download Microsoft Office’s suite, called OpenOffice, and boot it directly from your drive. Browsers like Firefox also have the ability to run from flash, too. That way you’ll have your most crucial apps with you wherever you go. Read More »

What Every Home Needs (And Will Have One Day)

Nowadays, everything we use needs to be charged before we use them next time, such as phones, MP3 players, computers, etc.  The worst part is when you have something that has a USB port, but no adapter for it to be plugged into an every day outlet.  One day, and probably in the near future too, all our homes will ... Read More »

Take Pictures With Your Ear Buds

You can use the volume control buttons on your iPhone ear buds to take pictures without having to touch your screen!  Just point and squeeze the volume “up” or “down” button to snag the shot while you focus on holding the phone steady. Read More »

Snooze For Charity

If you’re like most people, you have trouble getting up every morning. Chances are your Snooze button is worn out on your clock or you have multiple alarms set on your phone. The Snooze App will either make you get up or pay out to charity. Every time you hit “snooze,” you donate $0.99 to a charity of your choice. ... Read More »

11 Hacks That’ll Change How You Use The iPhone

Take Pictures With Your Headphones There are times when photos become jittery, but a great way to lessen the possibility of blurry photos is to take photos by using your headphones as a shutter button. When in the camera app, simply press the center of the headphones and the photo is taken. iPhone developers knew exactly what they were doing! Read More »

How To Double The Life Of Your iPhone’s Battery (iOS 7)

Almost everyone in United States has a cell phone, most of those being iPhones or Androids. There’s an ongoing debate on what the best phone for battery life actually is. Many iPhone users fear this is a battle they can’t win, but with these simple hacks, you can make your iPhone battery last almost twice as long. 1.) Turn On ... Read More »

Flight Entertainment Hack

If you’re about to venture on to an aircraft that doesn’t have televisions built in to the seats, you could be in store for a long flight. The best way to kill time is to watch a movie on Netflix or a show on Hulu. To make this hands free, put your phone or tablet in a clear plastic baggie ... Read More »