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Take the stink off of your feet. Soak your feet in vodka to give them a deep clean and to deodorize. Make an ice pack. Put ½ cup of vodka and ½ cup of water into a zip-close freezer bag, and freeze for

Meat Much like bacon, meat will cause you to break out. Eating meat raises the pH of the body above the ideal level, which leads to increased inflammation. Soda Caffeine is prone to releasing stress hormones, which is bad for the skin. This

Exfoliate with baking soda. This may seem like a process, but it is actually a very quick way to not only eliminate pimples, zits, and blackheads, but also keep them away. The longest process is just making the paste. To create the

There is a natural way to remove your blackheads. You simply need a cotton ball or pad, fine salt, baking soda and gel facial wash. Mix one tablespoon each of baking soda and salt to your gel facial wash and

We've done the study, and this has about a 50/50 shot of working. But when you have a nasty pimple, anything is worth a try. You can shrink a pimple in minutes by putting a dab of Listerine on it. The

There several ways to avoid getting acne. One way is to turn the your shower knob to cold before getting out. You don't have to take a cold shower for long, but it does close your pores after you've cleaned

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