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While most of us fill our cups when we are drinking, did you ever really wonder what those ridges in the solo cups actually mean?  Now that question can be answered and you will know how much alcohol you are

Gin & Tonic From Space The drink mixes juniper gin, yellow chartreuse and almost 100 "cucumber alginate encapsulations." (“Cucumber balls,” for the layman.) The end result is a refreshing gin and tonic that looks like the lava lamp you had as

A night of drinking with your buddies can lead to a day of miserable pain and nausea. If you didn't prepare the day before by drinking a ton of water, we've put together the best remedies for a hangover. We have

For ages, wine drinkers have been able to gloat while drinking because of the benefits it can provide, such as protection against heart disease (red wine). Now it's time for beer drinkers to grab a cold one, pop the top,

Hosting a Halloween or Fall party? Be creative and make your own pumpkin keg! It's actually very simple to do. Buy a large pumpkin and completely hollow it out. Place a spigot near the bottom and fill it with you

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