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The Best Candle Replacement

It’s good to know there is a replacement for a candle if your power goes out. We suggest you be prepared for storms and bad weather with plenty of flashlights and batteries, but if you do find yourself with a candle or flashlight, burn a crayon. Each crayon will burn just like a candle or about 30 minutes. Just be ... Read More »

Why You Should Freeze Your Candles

There are two great reasons to freeze your candles. One is for before you light it. If you store your candle in the freezer a few hours before lighting it, it will help it last a lot longer before it starts dripping. If your candle is all burnt out and you want to keep the jar, toss it in the ... Read More »

Drip-Free Candles

Tired of candle wax dripping everywhere? There’s a simple fix to prevent it. Soak your candles in strong (keep adding salt until it won’t dissolve anymore) salt-water solution after you buy them. Leave the candles in the solution for two hours. Finally, remove and dry! Read More »