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10 Dirty Secrets of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies make hospitals charge smaller insurers more. According to officials, Blue Cross required hospitals to charge other insurers a specified percentage more than they charge Blue Cross. How much? According to a lawsuit filed, it is as much as 30% to 40% more. As one of the most dominant health insurers in a lot of states, member plans of the Blue Cross and ... Read More »

9 Costly Money Mistakes Most People Make

You upgrade your things way too often. Apple releases a new iPhone and iPad ever year, and every year people wait in line for hours on the day it’s released to get that cell phone upgrade you so desperately need. Your current phone can only load a website in 1.3 seconds. The new model can load it in 1.1 seconds, which ... Read More »

25 Crucial Things Every Adult Should Know How To Do

Every adult should know how to jump start a car. There will come a time when the battery dies in someone’s vehicle and you’ll find yourself jumping a car. Don’t wait until it happens to learn how to do it. Don’t be unprepared when the need for it arises. It’s very useful knowledge to have, and very common to need this ... Read More »

9 Items You Never Thought To Keep In Your Car

Every driver knows that you should keep a roadside emergency kit and a good first aid kit in your car. It’s also common sense to keep a copy of your car insurance card in with the learning manual for you car model. But sometimes the unexpected occurs and you’re stuck in a situation in your car that you didn’t prepare ... Read More »

The Cost Of Car Insurance

Liability insurance is like mafia protection. It’s a pain in the neck, expensive, and you’d rather forget that you even needed it. But when you find yourself in a jam (literally), you’ll be glad you have. If you live in the United States, it’s required to have it if you want to get behind a wheel. But how much is ... Read More »

Car Theft 101

  It may be a little shocking and disturbing, but car theft is more common than you think. Tips to Prevent Car Theft Worried about the possibility of your car being stolen? If so, the National Insurance Crime Bureau urges you to follow a “layered approach” to auto theft protection by employing the following steps: Common Sense: Use the cheapest, most basic ... Read More »

Outrageous Things You Can Get Insured

What all do you have insured? If you’re like most adults, you probably have life insurance, renter’s insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance. Even though auto insurance is now required in order to drive a car, the number of people who don’t even know how to get auto insurance would blow your mind. On the other hand, the amount of ... Read More »