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Put up flyers like this around town or school. Add your friend's phone number. Sit back and enjoy. Take a screen shot of someone's desktop page. Then delete all of the icons and make that screen shot their background image. Watch

Do you ever wonder how people are still driving a car from 1985?  Is it something in the oil or gas they use?  The answer is simple!  They do the regular maintenance that is required to keep their car running

It's frustrating to see someone in a huge truck or SUV taking up multiple spots. It's even more frustrating to see a small car parked over the line. Instead of keying their car or waiting for them to return so

It's absolutely miserable opening the door to what you thought was your car, but feels more like an oven. Use this awesome Japanese door trick (shown below) to cool down your car quickly. Another tip is to turn your steering

*Note: This is posted in case you lose your car keys. If you attempt to steal a vehicle, you will be caught and punished by authorities.

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