Friday, December 15, 2017
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12 Genius Ways You Can Save More Money

The economy is tough on almost everyone, and chances are you’re being directly affected by it. More than likely you have bills piling up, student loans that need payed off, or maybe you are debt free but your savings account is completely drained. There are several steps we all can take to save some money. Even if it’s just a few ... Read More »

Odd Uses For Newspaper

Odor Free! One of the weirdest uses is that crumpled up newspaper actually can act as an odor eater for stinky shoes. Save your newspaper everyday, crumple it up, and stick it in your shoes. Something in the paper actually sucks out the bad odor. Read More »

Good Pet Breath

You love your faithful friend, but sometimes their breath is just too much to handle. If your dog or cat suffers from terrible breath, don’t spend money on breath strips for animals. Try adding some fresh parsley to their food! Read More »

Stave Off Shedding

One of the worst things about having a pet is the shedding. Does it seem like no matter how much you brush them you can’t get the hair off? Grab a dryer sheet. Run a dryer sheet over your pet’s coat and the static will cause any loose hairs to be picked up after brushing. Read More »

Ease Your Pet’s Pads

Your pet’s pads on the bottom of their feet crack and dry just like our feet. To ease the pain for your pet, gently rub a little petroleum jelly on their pads while they’re sleeping. It completely moisturizes the area and is completely safe if your pet decides to lick it off later. Read More »