Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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8 Life Cheats For Facebook

You Can Appear Offline to Certain Friends Open your Facebook chat window, click the settings icon in the upper right corner and then go to “Advanced Settings.” You can customize who you appear online to here. This could cause some serious arguments, so be careful. Read More »

Awesome & Helpful Internet Hacks

Nothing is more annoying than accidentally closing the page and forgetting what website you were on. If you accidentally close a tab on Google Chrome, press Control+Shift+T to bring it back from the dead. Read More »

11 Hacks That’ll Change How You Use The iPhone

Take Pictures With Your Headphones There are times when photos become jittery, but a great way to lessen the possibility of blurry photos is to take photos by using your headphones as a shutter button. When in the camera app, simply press the center of the headphones and the photo is taken. iPhone developers knew exactly what they were doing! Read More »