Friday, February 23, 2018
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19 Amazing Life Cheats For Coca-Cola

Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric. Grease stains are famously difficult to remove from clothing and stain removers can be very expensive. If you empty a can of coke into your wash along with the usual detergent and run it through a normal cycle. The reason it can break up stains is thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid ... Read More »

How To Clean Your Toilet With Coca-Cola

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that Coca-Cola can clean your toilet. It’s a great replacement for all of your toxic, chemical filled cleaners you’ve been using. Oddly enough, it works just as well. Another benefit of using Coca-Cola is you won’t be inhaling the stench and chemicals of your regular cleaners. First Step: Add the Coke. When pouring it into ... Read More »