Friday, December 15, 2017
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11 Signs You’re Unhealthy That You Probably Ignore

It becomes pretty obvious that you are headed down the path of an unhealthy life when you are diagnosed with diseases like diabetes or cancer. Often times people wait for diseases like this to get motivated to change their lives and get healthy. But did you know our bodies give us warning signs of waning health long before we get thwacked ... Read More »

16 Life Cheats You Need For Winter

If you’re one of the few that doesn’t catch cold symptoms over the winter months, consider yourself blessed. Lucky for you, we have a great cold remedy! Lemon, ginger, and Srirach sauce will take care of any running nose or cough. Read More »

Beat The Heat In Your Car

It’s absolutely miserable opening the door to what you thought was your car, but feels more like an oven. Use this awesome Japanese door trick (shown below) to cool down your car quickly. Another tip is to turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when you park. This way the top won’t be burning hot when you come back. Read More »

How To Keep Your Butt Warm

As we approach colder nights and mornings, we are also coming upon cold bathrooms. Although it wakes you up quickly, it’s uncomfortable to sit down on an icy toilet seat when you first wake up. Buy an extra pair of tube socks to put on the toilet seat. Using the restroom has never been so comfortable! Read More »

Chill Your Booze Quickly

If you’re throwing a party and forgot to toss your booze in the refrigerator or freezer, there’s a way to speed up the chilling process before you friends arrive. Toss your booze in a bucket (or bowl) of ice. Sprinkle some salt on top of the ice and watch your alcohol chill to perfection in a short time!   Read More »